Summary of Love&J’s projects for #JayParkInParis !


In less than a month, the singer Jay Park is coming in France for the first time to do a concert at Palais des Congrès, in Paris, in October, on the 26th!

Love&J is organizing the following projects :

  • Offer to Jay a welcome pack for his arrival at the airport, with French “cliché” specialties (bread, camembert, beret,..) for kidding
  • Offer to Jay, Dok2 and the staff, some champagne bottles with a buffet

champ jaychamp dok2

  • Hang this banner for the concert

bannière off du site31

  • Collect gifts from fans
  • Several projects during the concert during songs! In order to spend as much time as possible with Jay,  we decided to do a « recall » song. The concept is to sing one of his songs to make him come back after the show.


If you want to offer gifts to Jay, we are collecting your presents before the concert (send to our personal address), at the airport (if you prefer to give your gifts in person to us or if you could not give them to Jay in person). (More infos)

Make sure to give us your opinion about projects, by commenting on the article, on FB or mention us on Twitter! We read all your messages and thank you a lot for the support and donations you made (or are going to make) to help us to show to Jay that we are all happy to welcome him, here in France and in Europe!

Love&J organizes all these things as the spokesperson of the community of « French Jwalkerz » and first French fanbase about Jay Park!

A BIG THANKS to you all who follow, support us and SORRY if we were not active on the website recently.


A propos jayssicapark

Jayssica is one of admins of Love&J (old nickname : KellyDonx). Makes the most subtitled videos for the fansite, the design and more~~ JwalkerZ since the beginning :)
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