[PROJECT] Collection of gifts for Jay Park’s concert in Paris!

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You are unable to go to Jay Park’s concert but you want to give him gifts? You are able to go to the concert but you want to be sure that your gifts will safely be given to him? Love&J decided to make a big collection of gifts for you!

As you may already know, we will give Jay some official gifts on behalf of the site and of all the French Jwalkerz and international Jwalkerz partly thanks to your donation. However, we think that you might want to give more personal gifts, something that attracted your look in a shop and that made you think “Hey! Jay Park would love his!” or something that represents you and that you want to share with him etc. No problem, we assure you that Jay will get those gifts!

You can send all of your gifts to :

218, rue Auguste Cardon,
84140, Montfavet

You can also directly give them to us if you are able to come to Avignon, Lyon or Paris. Please comment if that’s the case, we will contact you. The limited date to send your gift is the 10th of October.

We leave you with all these thoughts and ideas that are starting to grow in you to offer Jay things that could please him or surprise him. If you don’t have any idea we suggest you to give something that represents your country and permits Jay to discover the specialties of your country.

Regarding the official gifts of L&J, we will not exclude you from the choice to make and will regularly post photos of what we want to buy or bought to get your advice. We count on your participation for Jay to feel that fans around the world are happy he finally comes to Europe.

If you have any question, comment or send us a mail at Loveandj@hotmail.fr

Thanks in advance,

Love&J’s team.

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